Wix has an SEO competition where you can win $50,000 ranking for "SEO hero"

Wix SEO Hero Week 1 Recap

SEO Hero Rankings as of 11/22/2016

I actually didn't start tracking rankings until the 25th, so I'm going to give you those instead.


Wix SEO Hero Competition News


Wix SEO Review

I reviewed Wix's platform from an SEO standpoint.

Another website ineligible for the SEO Hero competition

Another strong contender in the contest seems to be ineligible. yourseohero.com was another victim of carelessness or perhaps trying to game the system, but like seohero.ninja before them, it appears the domain had expired and was picked up, which is against the rules under section 4.1.2 stating that "participants may not use expired or mature domain names or alike". I wonder if either of them know they're not eligible to win?

Tons of entries or spam in the SEO Hero competition?

Results have ballooned in the competition. When I looked early on there were only 120,000 results. As I'm checking today there are over 755,000. Either lots of people have decided to enter or the spam has begun. Judging from random comments on twitter that I'm seeing, I'm guessing it's the spam.

Is the point of the contest to clean up SERPs for "Wix SEO"?

Geoff Kenyon of Houzz pointed out that the entire SEO hero contest may be more about cleaning up the results for "Wix SEO" where 6/10 are not positive, which is amazing since Wix seems to own the other 4. He's probably right and they may get a couple contest pages to rank in the results.

Yeah but great idea to clean up the SERPs for "wix SEO" >> 6/10 results are not positive....even if they pay out, probably good roi for wix https://t.co/CRumBUVx2L

— Geoff Kenyon (@geoffkenyon) November 22, 2016

Interest in "SEO Hero" is spiking

I don't think it will surprise anyone, but "SEO hero" is spiking in interest. Check out the chart from Google Trends:

Google Trends for SEO hero

Wix SEO Hero competition news

I started adding news related to the Wix SEO hero contest to this website.

Check your website eligibility in the Wix SEO Hero competition before it's too late

The website I thought was winning, seohero.ninja actually isn't eligible. There was a link to the website from MarieHaynes.com in the navigation. I thought maybe Marie was hacked but when I looked in the Internet Archive, the link was there previously for an SEO Hero Quiz. It appears the domain had expired and was picked up, which is against the rules under section 4.1.2 stating that "participants may not use expired or mature domain names or alike".

People are getting excited about the Wix SEO Hero contest

There's a growing trend today of people announcing their entries into the Wix SEO Challenge.

Good exposure for the Wix SEO Hero contest

Barry Schwartz covered the SEO hero contest: Wix Challenges SEOs To Outrank Them For SEO Hero. Barry has also ranked #1 for "SEO hero" for now even though his website isn't eligible. He included my twitter comment and a nofollow link to this website. How about a followed link too Barry, help a guy out! The contest was also covered on Search Engine Land's SearchCap and another notice about the SEO contest popped up on Black Hat World


Wix announces their website, but it's not live.

Wix has announced their competition site will be seoheroschool.com according to the tweet below.

@TheShitSEO Hey Kevin, we will be using https://t.co/th453ATEHN Goodluck :)

— Wix.com (@Wix) November 20, 2016

Another thread about the SEO competition

This time over on the whirlpool forums, there's more discussion and now more eyes on the Wix SEO Hero competition.


The contest is going to be hard to judge

I added my ranty article on how no one will win the Wix SEO hero contest.


Wix SEO Hero contest creates chatter around the web

Barry Adams spurs a big discussion about the SEO hero contest on Twitter. Cyrus Shepard broke off of Barry's conversation and had one of his own about the contest. Dan Sharp of Screaming Frog also had another chat about the Wix SEO hero contest. The contest is being talked about on Reddit on /r/bigseo. There's already a thread" on Black Hat World as well.

How will the Wix SEO Hero contest judge search?

Wix has announced the searches for "SEO hero" will be done from desktop, chrome, incognito, and from NYC here.

Be an SEO Hero is live!

I registered this website, Be An SEO Hero for the contest.


Let the Wix SEO Hero competition begin!

The Wix SEO Hero contest was announced with a prize of $50,000.

Chatter from Twitter about the SEO Hero Contest

SEO Hero Week