No one can win the Wix SEO Hero Contest

At best the contest feels like a publicity stunt. Wix claims their SEO is the best and if you beat them, they'll give you $50,000. You have 4 months to rank a website (November 16th until March 15th) for "SEO hero". There are some other rules like the website must have no history and must have been registered after November 16th. I have a feeling the actual purpose may be to bury some of the bad search results for Wix SEO.

Why no one can win the Wix SEO hero competition

Seriously, they want everyone to follow Google's guidelines for SEO or be disqualified. Have they never heard of fiverr or used any automated link building tools? The ranking websites for "SEO hero" as in past SEO competitions will be spammed to death, including Wix's entry. They'll likely disqualify or dispute the final results because of this. I hope when this happens they'll at least do the right thing and donate the money to charity, you know something with cute kids or puppies.

Will Wix have to play by their rules and be SEO heroes?

Will they link from the contest page to their website, or how about from their homepage? The contest page will likely be the first result because so many people are linking to it, so if they link from there to their website then that would be pretty much the best link that could be had in the competition. As for the judge, they even requested GSC I'm assuming so he can check the incoming link profile, but why do they require GA access? I guess they just want to look at all the referral spam in the profile I will not be filtering, or maybe he will misunderstand what that is and use it as another reason to disqualify people.

Has Wix never heard of localization?

Seriously, talk about a bias. The searcher who appears to be in Toronto, Canada (later Wix said he will search from New York, New York from Chrome, Incognito, and Desktop) will search (I'm not sure from desktop or phone) for "SEO Hero". I don't know much about Canadian (New York, US) citations, but I do know about brand and location bias so I guess it's time to setup a company right in Eran's back yard and call it SEO Hero.